Miracle moments

Today I want to report two miracle moments, where I was able to shift my perspective on things that were making me unhappy.

Two miracle moments

The first miracle moment happened in my relationship with my True Love. I was growing unhappy about how I didn’t feel that we were a team anymore. There were several little things that made me think that he wasn’t contributing to our common every day life in the way I would like him to, or that he wasn’t appreciating my efforts in doing so. He didn’t put all the dishes to the dishwasher, just his own. And he didn’t thought that I would have taken his towel back to the bathroom with mine, but was looking for it around the house.

I was almost starting a conversation with him about it, but waited to gather information with which to make my point. That activity made me more conscious about all the ways that he does contribute to our household. And revealed the most important way how we build a team. Every time I have breastfed our little one, my True Love is ready to hold her in upright position, so that she can burp. Every time we can hear or smell that it’s time for a diaper change, he’s the first one to take action. Our most important roles at the moment are to be mom and dad to our little girl and there we are a helluva team.

The second miracle moment occurred while we were visiting my parents-in-law. My mother-in-law tends to get really excited about our little one. She finds her unendingly funny, and keeps urging us to watch everything that she does. We, who spend 24 hours a day, seven days a week with her. My True Love was growing impatient with her, and I focused on the food most of the time to avoid getting involved with it.

I have started to become more and more irritated by my mother-in-law’s enthusiasm for our girl. During that visit I got a glimpse of the perspective of my mother-in-law, how she was enjoying the time with our girl and wanted to share her joy and happiness with the rest of us. At that moment my irritation subsided and I felt compassion toward my mother-in-law. A true miracle moment!

With love,



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