I’m a hoarder. I gather all the shiny objects that I can see and get for free or for a significant discount. My shiny objects are programs, videos, audios, eBooks, in short information about self-development. This started five years ago when I met my True Love, who introduced me to the topic, and the speed of my hoarding has increased over the years. Most of those shiny objects I have just stored away without even looking closer into them. Some of them I have taken a look without digging deeper. None of them have I really commit to and used the information offered.

As the new year is starting and I’m trying to decide what I want to achieve in 2018, my year, I have become overwhelmed with all the possibilities I could be focusing on. Every single one of my “teachers” is sharing their way how to make 2018 THE year of my life. But I feel that most of them are focusing only on one area of life. And even the ones, who are covering several areas, aren’t taking in consideration all the areas that I would like to focus on.


Here my True Love rescues me. I have continued reading Integral Life Practice, a book he ordered a while ago. I feel I have finally found the model, the structure that allows me to include everything that I want to improve in my life. And ILP makes the whole process sound very simple, easy, and time efficient. I also received SuperhumanOS program from my True Love and I highly resonate with the information in it. ILP and SuperhumanOS overlap each other partly, both covering the teaching of Ken Wilber, but I have always believed that repetition is the mother of learning.

One fear that I need to overcome here is the fear of missing out if I stop following most or all of my other teachers. That fear has most likely caused my hoarding in the first place. The decision I need to make here is whether I want to grow or to continue to collect information. Running after every new shiny object makes it impossible for me to focus on the things that I need to do in order to grow and develop myself.

My word for 2018 is Focus!

With love,



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