The perfect timing

Yesterday I wrote about my overwhelmment and today I can share that I have overcome that state of mind. What happened between yesterday’s post and writing today?  I had a conversation with a dear friend and a fellow coach. Again I realize how important it is for me to meet regularly with like-minded people. With them I can share my ideas, get inspired, and feel connected.

I just love the way the Universe works and delivers the exact thing, person, or item into my life when I need it most. In the beginning of our conversation my friend told me that she had considered emailing me and cancelling our meeting. However she wanted to speak with me, so she didn’t cancel and at the end of our session we were both happy that we had had the chance to talk things through.

Welcoming the new day

During our conversation we discovered that both of us are in the middle of a similar activity. We are decluttering our inboxes by unsubscribing all kinds of email lists that aren’t relevant for us at the moment. We are simplifying our lives by saying no to things and to people that aren’t supporting our goals. We are making space for ourselves to do nothing so that we can hear our inner guidance.

Receiving the peer support from my friend made it easier to relax into the thought of leaving all those excess shiny objects behind and to focus on ILP and SuperhumanOS. I’m still finding it difficult to unsubscribe from certain lists, because I truly enjoy the energy of those people. I keep reminding myself that I can always resubscribe to their lists, that they aren’t disappearing anywhere, but will be there when I’m ready to come back.

In the conversation yesterday I heard myself saying that I don’t need to hear things from anybody else, because I already know them deep down inside of me. That’s why I don’t need to follow all those experts waiting for them to say the right words in the right order. Now I got a feeling of déjà vu. I have already written a similar declaration before. Maybe I wasn’t truly ready for committing to my insight then. Let’s see if this time I’m more open to listen to my own words and to embrace the truth in them.

With love,



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