This works!

Today’s the day when everything seems to work. I have already read about twenty pages of ILP, listened one module of SuperhumanOS, I’m now writing this post, and it’s not even 8am yet. As the book title of Hal Elrod states about The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM). There’s something magical in those early hours. Many times I see it as a treat to wake up early.

Early bird, sharing is caring, purpose, sleep, passion

I understand that not everybody sees mornings, early mornings in similar way. My True Love to be the first one. He likes to stay up late and sleep late, where I get sleepy early in the evening and love to have my own time before others wake up. And even for me this isn’t always true. For the past couple of weeks I have went to bed early, but haven’t got up early, instead I have slept over ten hours a night.

Sometimes sleeping too much causes me to go through the whole day in a mist. In those days I swear to myself that next time, next morning, when I feel that I’m awake, I will get up and not just turn on my other side. And it usually works for a couple of days, until it doesn’t, and I find myself again not being at my best during the day. The promise is renewed and success is guaranteed for the next couple of days.

The reason why I today was up so early, is because I’m super excited about my projects. Last night I had the chance to share what I have learned in SuperhumanOS and in ILP with a dear friend, who’s struggling. The information that I have required from those sources helped my friend to understand her situation and in that way gave her relief. Being able to help another human being like that is truly my passion.

Sharing is caring, as they say. That’s why I’m thinking about starting to write blog posts about everything that I’m learning through my projects. It will help me process the information, and at the same time give me the feeling of fulfilling my purpose by letting me share my new knowledge. I will be able to inspect my life in the light of this new information and to gain deeper understanding of the information and of myself.

With love,



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