Down the rabbit hole

Or to be more precise, up the levels of human development. The journey just feels the same as I would be going down the rabbit hole. My whole world has changed, nothing is as it was before, and at the same time everything makes more sense now. I agree with Ken when he says that this should be taught in school. Knowing about the levels helps me understand myself and the people around me better.

The more I learn from Ken’s meta-map, the more exciting, winsome, and addictive it becomes. And I’m glad that Ken assures this information being psychoactive, that just knowing about it affects my mind and my consciousness starts to work on the new knowledge. Of course there are practices that will support my growth, but becoming aware of the path to my growth is the first, and a powerful step.

Development, self-development, grow up

In human development there are eight levels that have emerged so far. Those levels are coded with colors and they have also names. Level 1 is infrared: archaic, level 2 magenta: magic, level 3 red: magic/mythic, level 4 amber: mythic, level 5 orange: rational, level 6 green: pluralistic, level 7 turquoise: integral, and level 8 clear light: super integral. Ken states that some 60% to 70% of the world is at the fourth level or lower.

The main motivation on the fourth level is ‘belogingness’ as Maslow called it. It’s about wanting to fit in, to be a part of a group, to love and be loved by that group. At this level peer pressure has a huge impact on individual’s life. I can totally relate to that. My driving force is to find the group of people where I feel that I belong. I want others to like me and I don’t want to upset anybody.

Now that I am aware at which level I am, it’s time to decide if I want to stay here or if I want to move higher. Moving higher doesn’t mean that I would leave this level behind, but that this level will be transformed and included to the next level. Each level includes all the previous levels and adds something new to the mix. New level means new perspectives, so it’s important to continue taking the role of other.

With love,



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