Moving forward

Growing up as a human being isn’t easy. I thought that I would just have to make the decision and everything would move straight forward from there on. No steps to the side. No steps backwards. Just step by step towards the goal. I don’t need to have those steps carved in stone, but I do want to see flexible, yet steadily ongoing progress. So today it dawned to me. I’m ready to start tracking.

Earlier this week I heard, again, that what we don’t monitor, we can’t manage. And what we don’t manage, we can’t change. This time the message hit home. I started to think how easily I can see my progress when I’m doing something physical, like raking or cleaning. Often when raking I lean on the rake and look with pride the clean lawn behind me. Now I want to find a similar way to admire my progress in personal development.

Ideas started to flow. I know that I have had success with ticking boxes as a way to track my activities. I’ve had those five things to accomplish every day and when done, I’ve checked that thing off the list. I considered adding more things on my daily to-do-list. I thought about having my morning routines, exercise, meditation, and journaling, as one item on it, and my daily walk as another.

Growth, track, progress

Brendon has shared with us that we should have three main goals at a time and that every morning we should remind ourselves about those goals and the most important steps to achieve them. My three goals at the moment are my own personal development, becoming stronger physically, and to succeed as a coach. I would want to do something everyday to move forward with all three of those goals.

Then I remembered Ken’s developmental lines from Superhuman OS and how I would want to add an exercise to wake up every one of those seven most important lines. At the moment he is laying the foundation and more concrete exercises will come later in the program. ILP popped into my mind as well with it’s blueprint for the activities I want to include into my life. I haven’t read the whole book, so I’m not there yet.

I’m starting to see my beautiful procrastination system in action. When I don’t have ALL the pieces of the puzzle, I’m postponing any action, so that I can do everything “right” from the beginning. With this awareness I choose to act differently. I will start to track the activities that I currently do and will add, change, or modify them according to the new information that I will gain from Superhuman OS and ILP.

With love,



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