Happy flow

Today I’m feeling content, excited, and happy. And I have no idea what to write about. That’s why I decided to just start writing and see what will come up. Even the Daily Prompt Evoke couldn’t evoke any major ideas or a-has. I tried to look for inspiration from my email, Facebook, YouTube, but still nothing. So here I am writing along with no agenda, just going with the flow of the letters, words, sentences, paragraphs.

That list evoked Ken’s description of developmental levels, and how they include and transcend each other. He has used the same list as I did, when he explained how we all start our development from zero. In order to be able to read or write everyone of us needs to learn first the alphabet, then combine the letters into words, words into sentences, and sentences into paragraphs and so on. The same happens with levels.

Flow, levels, perspective

Hearing that was somewhat reassuring that I wasn’t “behind” anybody else. Why do I feel that it’s reassuring? Why is it so important to me to… what? Not to be beneath others? Not to be worse than others? To be on the same line with everybody else? That everything is so damn fair to everybody? When I listed my core values, one of them was fairness. Obviously my desire for fairness penetrates all aspects of my life.

Another way Ken illustrates the levels is by using atoms, molecules, cells, and organs. Molecules include atoms and add something new into the mix, as do cells regarding to molecules, and organs regarding to cells. Molecules can’t exist without atoms, but atoms exist on their own. In the same way the upper level needs the previous level or levels in order to come about. Without the lower level the new level wouldn’t have the foundation onto which add a new perspective.

Knowing the importance of those lower levels helps me become less critical towards them. Ken’s description helped me broaden my perspective on those levels. And being aware that everybody needs to go through all the levels eased the criticism towards myself. There’s no competition, only progress.

With love,



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