Grow up and wake up

Today it dawned to me. Ken really believes in the woo woo. He has been speaking about it but I haven’t truly heard him. I’m now in the third installation of the Superhuman OS, where he speaks about the stages, which are gross, subtle, causal, witness, and non-dual. Even though he has described earlier several exercises to deepen my connection with my higher self, I still hadn’t realized that he is spiritual on an integral or superintegral level.

I had somehow assumed that Ken would be similar to the other men in my life who are strictly rational, scientific. And that was my original impression of Ken after the first two installations in Superhuman OS. In the first Q&A session of the third installation I could feel that Ken started to open up and I entertain now more connectedness with him. He backs up all the woo woo with scientific research, but I know it’s because there’s most likely many participants from the orange level, which is rational and scientific.

I have always known that I believe in something greater than myself. When I was 15, I had a very negative experience with the priest in confirmation school. I have always valued open discussion and the priest wasn’t willing or capable to have that conversation with me. I don’t remember what I asked, but it had something to do with philosophy. That experience led me to abandon formal religion. Now that I look back it’s remarkable how strong influence that one person had on me.

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A friend made a remark today how learning about other religions would help broaden one’s perspective. I don’t think that I have ever believed that my religion would have the only answer to life’s mystery. My family has never been religious, so the confirmation school was my first attempt to dig deeper into religion. That plan backfired miserably and left me adrift. I have been avoiding all conversations about God, believing, and faith all together.

Ken mentions that most of the world’s religions are on the red or amber level. He reveals that Jesus and Buddha were on the orange level and that’s why their message had such a huge impact to their audiences, which were mainly on red and amber levels. The shift to orange means that the focus shifts from one’s own tribe to all human beings. Redemption becomes possible also for others outside of one’s religion.

Levels and lines build the structure for our development, describing the growing up part. Stages give us the depth on each of those levels and lines, defining the waking up part. I can have all stage experiences at any level of development. My level will determined how I interpret my stage experiences. To unleash my full potential as a human being I need to both grow up and wake up.

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