The big C word

I’m talking about commitment. I have shared earlier my difficulties in committing to almost anything. I have now published a blog post every day for two months. I have refused to call it a commitment, and I still do. I’m just reacting on the Daily Post Prompts, that’s all. Even though behind that I feel somehow obliged to continue now that I have started, because people are following me. So a big thank you to you, who is following!

I would commit to doing things for my little girl without a blink. That’s how I have stayed consistent with my daily walks. I want to offer the little one the possibility to sleep in fresh air for a longer period of time. The fact that I get my daily exercise at the same time is just an extra bonus that makes it a win-win situation. Or maybe it is exactly that win-win situation that has helped me keep up that practice.

I find myself being committed to the Superhuman OS. Not all the way yet, because I’m not doing the exercises regularly. But I am committed to listening those lessons. With Ken’s program my biggest motivation is my True Love making my little sister promise that she would go through the program. I’m keeping the same promise, and I’m ready to discuss with both of them about the program, if they would like to do that.

Commitment, it works if you work it

It can be that it’s just the word ‘commitment’ that makes me nauseous. Every expert wants me to commit to his or her program, or method, or system, or practice. Everyone says that “It works, if you work it.” I feel that those experts are putting too heavy burden on my shoulders. I feel that I would need to help them prove that their system works, no matter what. And because I’m a helpless people pleaser I feel responsible for making this happen for them.

Just because the program has worked for them and for hundreds of people, it doesn’t guarantee that it will work for me. I think that previously my mindset has played a big part in my success, or the lack of it, with those programs. Because I have felt those huge expectations, which I didn’t feel I could fulfill, I gave up before I had even begun, and ruined any chance of success and results.

Ken has let me off the hook with this. He points out that the program, method, system, or practice works if the one working it is on the same level, at the same state, focusing on the same lines, among other things, as the expert. Maybe that’s why I find it easier to commit to Superhuman OS. Ken shares all the information I need to make my own decisions. His program makes me feel empowered.

With love,



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