Creating perfect days

This morning I realized that I had my perfect morning. It went exactly the way I had described it to my coach, when I did Wouldn’t It Be Nice If… process. I did my exercise practice, I meditated, and I journaled. And when I was writing, I got the idea for today’s post. The time I did this wasn’t before anybody else had woken up, and the settings weren’t at the glass pavilion by the sea, but the feeling was precisely what I wanted.

The strategy behind the success today is something that Brian has shared with me several times, but now it starts to sink in. Creating a perfect day starts in the previous evening. When I know that I want and need eight hours of sleep, I decide at what time I want to wake up in the next morning and act accordingly. I shut down all my electronics at least an hour before my bedtime to ensure the best quality of sleep. The last hour I read, knit, or cuddle with my True Love.

When I get to bed I order waking at my preferred time. I don’t have an alarm clock, and I have shut down my phone, so I can’t see the time during the night. It’s amazing how accurately my inner alarm clock works. Even on those mornings when I think that I have been lingering in bed way too long, when I finally get up and see what time it is, the digital numbers show exactly the time I wanted to get up. My lingering was anticipated.

Consistency, journaling, routines

After getting up, I often find myself just standing still and my thoughts wandering. I have started to remind myself that while my mind is busy, my body can be doing its thing. And when I start my practice I usually notice my mind calming down. My current meditation practice is the Microcosmic Orbit from ILP. It has taken me a while to get the inhalation and the visualization to work together, but with practice I’m getting better with it.

I have been encouraged to write three pages every morning by Julia Cameron, and now Ken made the same suggestion. The only time I managed to write three pages I had a profound experience with it. I struggle in letting go and allowing the text to flow. I want to write something meaningful throughout the exercise, which repeatedly blocks me. Luckily for creating a perfect day it’s enough that I write, regardless the page count.

Starting my day, first thing in the morning or little later, by doing my routines gives my day a positive vibe. On those days it’s easier to deal with anything life throws at me. It’s easier to bounce back from negativity, and to see the silver lining. Today I came up with a solution to a problem that I was creating in my mind. Maybe with a consistent practice of my routines I will stop creating those problems in the first place and start having even more perfect days.

With love,



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