Speaking my truth

A change in myself that I have noticed lately, is my readiness to express my own truth. I shared earlier my successful assertiveness with my True Love. Being candid has given me positive results with other people as well. Especially with sales people calling me and offering stuff that I don’t want nor need.

I was called from a big newspaper agency and they offered a weekly summary of the happenings from around the world. I expressed my intention to keep my energy positive and that’s why I didn’t want to follow the news. I shared that I don’t watch news nor read them from anywhere. The lady I spoke with noted that yes, she understands my point, but that’s what is happening in the world. And that was the end of the call.

The other call was from a company that would have wanted to sell me yet another insurance. When I heard that word I could feel walls rising in my mind. I openly shared with the gentleman that I had been sold so many insurances lately that I wasn’t open at all to his offer. He sounded surprised with my reply, but he didn’t try to speak me out of it, which I take as evidence that he could feel that it would have been a futile attempt.

Photo by my True Love

I still encounter situations where I fall back into my old habit of passive-aggressiveness. I had booked a session with a coach, who was running late, which got me into wrong mood for that session to be successful. And then he didn’t remember our previous conversation that we had had the day before. Even though I was reasoning that he most likely spoke to a lot of people, it made me even less receptive toward the session.

I don’t know if he noticed my cold tone or if he just decided not to pay attention to it. The thought did cross my mind to tell him that I wasn’t in the right mood to have that chat with him, but decided not to follow it through. I did gain from that session a painful insight that I wasn’t ready to fully commit to myself. But he would have saved over an hour of his time if I would have told him about my feelings at the beginning of the call.

My take away from these experiences? Speaking my truth has positive outcomes, not telling it hasn’t. I will continue to be aware enough to know my truth and brave enough to express it.

With love,



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