A postcard on a billboard

My Human Design strategy is to wait to respond. This strategy flows in both ways. I need to be patient to get a sign that the idea I have is the right one to pursue at that particular moment. And I need to offer others opportunities to respond as well. My humble wish is that my blog could serve as a catalyst for exciting ideas. That reading my blog post would be the confirmation that it’s the right time to act on an idea.

Karen shares an example how to receive signs to act on an idea. A Generator gets the desire to go on a vacation. Then he visits his physician, who tells him that he needs to take some time off. That’s the first opportunity to respond to. Then on the way home he notices an advertisement on a billboard offering the services of a travel agency. Another confirmation to his original idea. And then at home from the mailbox he finds a postcard from a friend illustrating a hammock under a palm tree on a white sand beach. That’s the third sign for him to go and book that vacation.

Process, strategy

As a coach I could act as the physician and with permission share my suggestions. But in my blog I’m playing more of the roles of the billboard and the postcard. On the billboard of my blog I will share what I’ve learned, and the postcard posts will be about my own personal experiences of the things I’ve learned. I don’t think that I will ever write a pure billboard post, because those stories will make the theory come alive.

I continue sharing my a-ha moments, the times I feel bewildered, as well as the zigzag process between the two.

With love,



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