On the right tracks

I just love how my True Love brings things, mostly books, on my way. This time I’m totally carried away by Derren Brown’s book Happy: Why more or less everything is absolutely fine. I’m only about hundred pages in it, but I’m already convinced that it’s one of the best books I’ve read in a while. There’s so much juicy content that I want to comment on and share here.

One of the first things that blew me away was Derren’s insights about the Law of Attraction. I think that there Derren articulated something that I had sensed but hadn’t been able to put my finger on. I can now see why I continued my search after the first excitement with the Law had worn out. But that’s the topic of another blog post. Today I want to concentrate on the following quote from Derren:

Leading a considered life is about getting our story right for ourselves. It’s as simple as that. If we, at any point in our lives, can look at what we’re up to and feel that everything is more or less in its place, and that our story is on the right tracks, we will have a good basis for happiness.

— Derren Brown

The considered life Derren refers to is a life where we are “engaging with and owning our life stories.” He points out that “if we don’t assume more conscious authorship of our stories, others will write them for us, and we will invariably find ourselves fundamentally bored or anxious and prone to any number of complaints from within.” We need to find “a way of living that has come from due thought rather than a passive immersion in the tangles of everyday distractions.”

After leukemia I have been more conscious about my life and where I want it to go. I feel that I have still lot to learn, but little by little I’m putting more thought and effort into it. The area where I have the most work to do, is to keep my boundaries and not to let others dictate my life too much. I want to keep myself open to other’s insights, but to be able to determine for myself if they are something to consider or not.

Happiness, life story, philosophy

Elaborating on our life stories Derren continues by saying that we need to have a philosophy that “enables us to live more fully.” That philosophy “can be highly flexible and subject to great changes.” It “does not need to be easily describable in its entirety,” but it “should stand up to scrutiny and enquiry, being thought through and considered.” It “must give us a solid foundation without limiting us by insisting on a set of beliefs.”

Creating my own personal philosophy is something that I haven’t been doing consciously. I have thought that I have certain aspects I would consider as parts of my philosophy, but most of them are easily influenced by other people, Derren being the latest one. Even though Derren allows me to have flexibility with my philosophy and to change it, I still somehow would want to strive towards more stable world view.

And finally I come back to the quote. What I want to say about it, is that again there’s the personalized approach to life and happiness. It doesn’t matter what that story looks like as long as the person living it is content. From this point of view I feel that the story I’m currently living in builds a solid foundation to my happiness. Everything that is to come will add beautiful floors to this firm basis.

With love,



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