I am.

With the knowledge from my Human Design I have started to undress my true self from the costume of the not-self, as Karen calls it. I’m amazed how much just asking a simple question: “Is this the real me?” has helped me shift my mood in many situations. It has also helped me observe my behavior more objectively, because I don’t identify myself with my actions anymore.

In Human Design not-self is our conditioning through our openness, and self is all that’s defined on our chart. Earlier today I started to listen to the first application module of the Superhuman OS. Funnily enough, in it Ken speaks about the true self as well. He, too, distinguishes between two selves. For him those two selves are an object self and a subject self.

The object self is all the things that we can describe about ourselves. Our age, profession, relationship status, our preferences in music, food, literature. The not-self and the self in the Human Design fall into this category. According to the traditions, that self that we can describe, the self that we have all these characteristics for, is exactly who we are not.

The subject self is the one that’s aware of that. It’s the one looking at that and reporting that. The self that is witnessing, observing this, is what we truly are. This self is without qualities. Ken describes this indescribable self as vast, open, empty, pure awareness, free of any qualities.

Awareness, freedom, I amThe subject self, our true self, isn’t anything that we can see. When we start trying to find it, all we’ll notice is a sense of freedom from being identified with all the things that we thought were us. We can see those as object, not as the real self. Our real self is pure now awareness that is witnessing everything that’s arising and is free of everything that’s arising. It’s a mirror mind reflecting everything that’s arising moment to moment.

This was deep. Something that I have tried to get my head around today. There’s nothing to add to “I am.” No qualities or characteristics. That’s all there is. I am.

With love,


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