Just live your strategy!

It really works! I have written here about my desire to share my new knowledge about the Human Design and I have been actively letting everybody know how excited I am about it myself. By the time I write this I have received three invitations to go and share what I have learned. If you are a Generator or any other of the types that needs to wait, I encourage you to set the intention what you want and then do things that bring you joy as you wait patiently for the outer world to give you the opportunity to take action.

I have still aspects to learn about this. When I strictly stick with just sharing that I am becoming a certified level one Human Design specialist and how I feel that I have found the missing piece from my life’s puzzle, people tend to ask me for more information. When I push it by offering the free chart or the basic reading along with the chart, I have noticed that people tend to disappear.

Luckily Derren just taught me about our tendency to take silence or non-engagement as a sign that the other person doesn’t like us. So this time I won’t take their disappearance personally, but accept it as it is, and decide that it’s fine. There are most likely several reasons why they haven’t got back to me, and none of them has anything to do with me. When the time is right, if it was meant to happen, they will contact me again.

Frustration, strategy, successOf course I will take a look at my thoughts and actions, which are under my control, to see if there’s anything that I could improve in the future. And as I recognize, I can live more aligned with my type and strategy, and let others give me something to respond to when I want my desires to be fulfilled. I don’t even want to write “make my dreams come true” anymore, because that’s not how I or my life works.

The knowledge about my Human Design has made my life a lot less dim. These successes in having the patience to bear the frustration of sitting on a plateau really encourage me to continue into the direction I’m now heading. I’ve learned my lesson and will confine my message to my own excitement about the Human Design as well as my own successes in the experimentation with it. If others want to know more, they will ask.

With love,


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