I held today my presentation about the Human Design. One of the feedback that the participants shared was that they could clearly see that I have found my passion. I can still remember the time I felt the same way about the Law of Attraction as I now feel about the Human Design. At this very moment I have an unshakeable trust in Human Design and I truly believe that this is THE thing.

It’s easy to speak convincingly and from my heart when I am all in it myself. Looking back on the time when I was carried away with the Law of Attraction, I think the aspect of it that resonated the most with me was its focus on positivity. I see that my focus on the things that were well during the treatments for leukemia played a significant role in my recovery, without in any way diminishing the role of the medication.

I recall myself being uncompromising in my conviction that the Law of Attraction would be the answer to all questions. It took a great deal of time and several people doubting its effectiveness before my stance on it changed. I have a vivid memory of myself standing in front of an critical audience staring out of the window trying to find a way to answer to their questions. And I remember succeeding in it.

Conviction, decision making, trustWhen I truly believe in something, I can convince others about it as well. But when I get more information my own conviction changes. This comes from my inner authority in Human Design, splenic awareness generated. Spleen Center is all about intuition, health, survival, and time. The messages it gives me will guide me to stay safe in that particular situation. When the situation changes, the message can change as well.

Having Spleen as my inner authority gives me the ability to make spontaneous decisions, which aren’t permanent. I can sense a deep conditioning preventing me from using this capability. I think that I have heard often that I would need to make up my mind and stick with it even when the circumstances evolve. I need to regain my trust in my own adeptness to make adequate decisions for myself.

With love,


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