Slowing down

It feels that this daily blogging is coming to an end. It’s almost four months now since I responded to the first Daily Prompt. This journey has been captivating and at times challenging. My posts have been mostly diary like, exploring what was going on in my mind at that moment in time. I wouldn’t say that there isn’t things going on, I just have less and less time to write about them.

Our little one is more and more active during the day, which leaves me less time to focus on my blog post. The evenings grow shorter as she stays longer awake. I still want to shut down my electronics at least a half an hour before I head to bed, which shortens the time span for blogging even more. Lately I have been postponing my bed time in order to post a blog text, which isn’t sustainable in a long run. I can already notice it’s effects.

By not honoring my schedule in the nights before, I have sabotaged my mornings after. I haven’t waken up before my True Love and our little one to do my morning routines. Because my routines have been shifted to a later time in the morning, I have lost the opportunity to write my blog post during our baby girl’s first nap. The little one is also eating more frequently during the night, which affects my quality of sleep as well.

Commitment, flexibility, self-carePreviously when I considered slowing down with blog posts I got comments on my posts and followers to my blog. That made me reconsider my decision. This time such boost on my motivation hasn’t happened. I am aware that weekends are more quiet in the blog world, so the beginning of the week isn’t the most optimal time to assess the success of my most recent posts.

I want to take better care of myself and at the moment that means that I will honor my evening routines over my blogging. If the text isn’t ready by the time I want to shut down my computer, it needs to wait for the next day. Or I would need to be more flexible on the form and length of my posts. I could of course just publish the text as it is with a disclaimer at the bottom “To be continue…”

I’m not done with blogging. I love to write, for you, and for me. I just need to ease up the stress that I have build around it myself. I need to give myself the permission to waver on one of my unwavering commitments if necessary. I sense that already giving that permission to myself will make it unnecessary. But if you would miss me in the listing of Daily Prompt posts, don’t worry, I’ll be back. I’ll read you around!

With love,


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